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  • Positive silver paste of solar cell

    The series is designed for the positive electrode of crystalline silicon solar cell, which can effectively control the aspect ratio of fine grille and meanwhile ensuring good...

  • Conventional aluminum paste

    The series is the latest generation of aluminum paste product based on the previous generation of products...

  • Conventional back silver paste

    This series is designed for the back surface field of solar cell electric field, and featured of good printability, matchable with a variety of back aluminum paste...

  • PERC aluminum paste

    The series is designed for PERC solar cell to control the aluminum and silicon alloying speed at the mouth through special additives, which can not only achieve a good filling ...



  • Efficient photoelectric conversion

    The latest generation of aluminum paste products developed with new technology is a guarantee of high photoelectric conversion efficiency

  • Professional technical team

    With professional team, professional quality and precision collaboration, Hoyi Optoelectronics has established long-term relations of cooperation and close technical exchanges with the well-known domestic universities and international research institutions, and always leading in product technology industry

  • Trading in good faith

    We carefully serve each customer based on integrity and reputation

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    7 years Production experience

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    3 doctoral research talents

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    16 master's research talents

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    More than 80 partners over the world


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